Earn £100 to spend at A&O


Earn a

£100 voucher!!!

to spend at A&O

  1. Think of 3 people who suffer from muscle pain or injury and who could use our help.

2. Invite them to come and see us for our FREE “Release Tension and Muscle Stiffness” Consultation and Taster session

3. Collect a £100 voucher to use at Aga&Ola Massage Therapy

Terms & Conditions

1. Three people must attend a consutation within a 8 week period.

2. A referred person must be a New Client.

3. Attendees must book in for a free consultation and not a regular massage.

4. Attendees must mention you’r name to A&O Team upon consutation (question included in our consultation form).

5. Free consultations valid at any time and location.

6. The reward voucher will be validated after we’ve seen a third person reffered by you and will be valid for 3months.


Your tools:

Personal Invitations

Lead page link for instant online booking


When do you want to start??

Text “AMBASSADOR” to 07709018645 


Fill in your form to receive your personalised invitations:

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