“Find your inner force with A&O Team”

Do you think too that lockdown sucks?

  • we’re stuck in one place
  • we’re either super bored or overloaded with work
  • we don’t know the future
  • many businesses go down because they cannot carry on with their services
  • we don’t have buddies to keep us motivated in good and healthy habits

We may have a solution for you!

"Find your inner force with A&O Team"
weekly motivational online programme

We have created a programme to keep up a good spirit and develop or maintain good habits during lockdown and help A&O Massage Therapy stay afloat.

This programme will replace your regular massage therapy and will give you skills that will serve you for life!

What's included:

♥  One 1-2-1 session with our Aga, Ola or Kasia to establish and discuss your individual goals

♥ An advisor assigned to you personally who will help you achieve your goal

♥  Weekly Muscle Tension Relief (Rehab) Sessions with Ola, Fitness classes with Kasia and Self Care sessions with Aga (4 sessions in total each week)

♥ access to our Facebook or Whatsapp group exclusive to members with daily motivators and accountability

♥ personal contact with all therapists

  • Video materials will be available live via ZOOM.
  • For those who’d prefer to participate in their own time we will offer recorded sessions available on request.
  • Daily motivations and goal setting will be sent via Whatsapp group and made available on our Facebook Group (you can choose one option or both)
  • 4 classes, regular motivators and accoutability will be available for you for only £12 per week


  • make best out of your spare time (after all we save time on travel, shopping etc)
  • feel great about yourself
  • stay motivated and share your experience with excited therapists
  • learn things about your body and fall in love with it
  • help A&O Massage Therapy stay afloat and stay in touch with us!


Each live session will start at 6.30pm

They will be available to all members and you can choose if you want to participate. 

Recorded sessions will be available next day.

6.30pm - Upper Body Muscle Tension Relief (Rehab) with Ola - slide read more
Upper Body Muscle Tension Relief (Rehab)
For you if you have any niggles in your neck, shoulders and arms, want to stay fit and comfortable in your body and have a desk job that affects your tissues
Join Ola on Monday at 6.30pm
6.30pm - Express Fit Session with Kasia - slide to read more
Express Fit Session
Gyms might be closed but nothing stops you from staying fit and healthy! Join Kasia in Live Training to learn how to ‘Fight Fit’ at home.
Meet Kasia on Tuesday at 6.30pm
6.30pm - Lower Body Muscle Tension Relief (Rehab) - slide right to read more
Lower Body Rehab
This is for you if you feel tightness in your lower back, glutes and legs and want to improve that. This session is also ideal for those who have an active lifestyle and want to stay well maintained
Join Ola on Wednesday at 6.30pm
6.30pm - Self Care Session with Aga - slide to read more
Self Care Session
Start your weekend in a most blissfull state and relax your tense muscles and mind with Aga's self care sessions. Use professional techniques and end your week as if you just had a massage!
Join Aga on Friday at 6.30pm

Join our programme now

Whatever your reason is:

  • to have fun
  • to entry a strong accountability programme
  • to stay motivated and disciplined,
  • to improve your health
  • to calm down your mind
  • to spend some time with other people
  • to come off the couch
  • to support A&O Team and be supported 


  • Start date: Fresh programme every Monday from 25.05
  • Investment: only £12per week subscription, cancel any time
  • Time needed: max 30min/ day (as much as you can and want)
  • Benefit level: 100
  • Fun level: unlimited!
  • What you will need: Zoom app, Facebook account to join our exclusive group or Whatsapp, email account

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