UPDATED: 24/08/2021 by Aga

We have taken extreme measures to ensure health and safety at our clinic.

The situation has changed and so did our practice

We have taken extreme measures to ensure health and safety at our clinic. The situation has changed, and so did our practice.

  • Every visitor will be required to complete a COVID-19 declaration 24h before the appointment. THIS MUST BE FILLED IN NO LATER THAT 2H BEFORE THE APPOINTMENT.
  • PPE is now mandatory, please bring your own face covering.
  • Sanitation station has been set up in the clinic and inside our treatment rooms to ensure everyone sanitises their hands on entering whilst in & leaving the clinic.
  • Before any treatments, our own hands will also be sanitised, and correct PPE will be worn and changed as required.
  • Appointment times have all been increased to ensure we have enough time between appointments to clean down equipment, contact areas & change PPE fully.

❌ No refreshments will be served. You are welcome to bring your own drink (water is highly recommended)

❌ If you arrive early, please wait in your car. This is to ensure no cross over between appointments. We will be able to let you in 5min before your appointment.

❌ Do not attend your appointment if you have had any Covid symptoms within the last 14 days. In this case, the cancellation policy will not apply, but you must give notice.

Risk Assessment Date: 24/08/2021

Aga&Ola Physio & Massage

229 Berkeley Street, G3 7HH


  • Wash their hands as often as possible according to latest regulations, or sanitise them if washing is not possible

  • Adhere to sanitisation and cleaning schedule displayed in the reception

  • Keep treatment rooms tidy and clean them between every treatment

  • Sanitise their work station and tools used between every treatment with detergents provided.

  • Wear face masks and require clients to wear them too. Those need to be changed between every client and disposed of or washed if possible.

  • Correctly dispose of all PPE and wipes into a green safe container provided.

  • Ensure all clients fill in all required forms (COVID-19 Health Questionnaire before every appointment and Massage Health and Emergency Contact Form during their first visit). – encourage them to fill them in on their own device

  • Offer no refreshments unless specifically requested. In that case offer water in disposable cups.

  • Contact Aga immediately if they have any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone suspected of the virus. We will reschedule your clients. Contact details

  • Perform treatments to avoid high risk area and avoid being in immediate contact with client’s droplets. Adapt back-to-back or side-to-side approach.

  • Inform clients that if they develop any symptoms within 14 days of their appointment they should contact us.

  • Avoid swapping rooms between therapists during one shift.

  • Keep the treatment door open as much as possible between appointment to allow ventilation.

  • Use small containers for oil and wax during treatments instead of big bowls and wax containers to avoid cross contamination. Sanitise containers between each use.

  • Keep the main glass door open to reduce contact points.