Please watch this video first and tell me that this doesn’t look amazing! 

We love Ayurvedic massage at A&O!

Sadly not many people know about this treatment and about it’s incredible results. Most people don’t even try to attempt to pronounce its name (and that’s ok, haha!)



Our regular clients love it too and they usually request “THE MASSAGE I CAN’T SAY A NAME OF 😂😂But they always come back for more sessions


Why is it so great?

This is the massage you must get when:

  • you feel overwhelmed,
  • your mind is cloudy
  • you struggle with stress
  • you can’t sleep at night
  • you feel anxious
  • you feel that your body is just not right

I can guarantee that after this soft, yet highly stimulating massage all of the above symptoms will feel like a distant problem. We will also advise you on things you can do to extend the effects.


This is a completely different experience form what you are used to when you are thinking of a relaxing/swedish massage, I promise you!


Come and try it, at at promotional price:

  • 60min most relaxing Ayurvedic full body massage

Only £55 (usually £65)

  • Upgrade to a 90min Pamper Package including:

      1. Full body Ayurvedic Massage
      2. Relaxing Indian Head Massage
      3. Foot mask and Reflexology 

Only £80 (usually £99)

Online bookings only. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer or package or be included in a pain management therapy plan.
This offer is available with: Shona, Angelika and Claire.


Here is a success story that happened just recently at A&O:

Barry suffers from extremely severe insomnia.

If he gets 3h of sleep he considers it a good night.

His anxiety and overall daily stress has spiked up recently causing even worse mental problems.

He tracks his sleep patterns on an app and these were the results immediately after the Ayurvedic massage :



(Over 5h of sleep and that’s excluding the he had in  during the massage 🙂


Don’t think twice, if you are struggling with mental health now and are looking for the best way to soothe it down, or if you are just looking for a really really really good and relaxing massage, book now, we will look after you 🙂