Welcome to Aga & Ola Beauty where you can embrace nature while looking and feeling amazing!

Find a New You inside a Polynesian world of scents and products, full of exotic flowers and float away into a deep state of relaxation.


Are you looking for a facial treatment that will effectively cleanse and refresh your skin? A product that will add all the necessary nutrients so essential to the skin and will guarantee to make your skin glow for days?

Maybe you are reluctant to use high street products that promise to be effective but bring danger of loading your body with poisonous ingredients that will, over time do more harm than good.

We have a solution for you.

All our products are organic and safe to use and are suitable for all skin types.  Our peel’s contains antioxidants, skin lightening and brightening ingredients, in addition to the combination of exfoliative and reparative organic acids.  Every person’s skin is different we have ensured we are prepared for every challenge.

The peel is a 5 phase active treatment. In each session, you will be introduced to a new facial experience in our relaxing environment. We have taken the facial procedure to another level by incorporating your feet and hands to the process.

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“I’ve been Aga’s client for a very long time. I love her facials as they make my skin glow for days! She leaves it spotless, smooth and soft and all in relaxing and calming atmosphere.”

– Martha


We are extremely proud of a special ritual we have created;

this will indulge you and your senses and enter you into a deep state of relaxation.

We take the time and effort to sooth and stimulate all your senses beginning with our smooth touch which involves two therapists massaging away all your tension and pains with a four handed chocolate massage.

Using appealing scents of aromatherapy and products used with a facial to cleanse your mind and soul and ending with relaxing music adjusted to your current mood teasing your ears.

We can guarantee you will leave feeling relaxed and calm after a thorough full body peel and Shirodhara, an Indian scalp and thoughts cleansing ritual.


Mirka“It is a very professional and nice service. I was made to feel very comfortable during the treatment. Aga helped me drift away what has never happened to me before! She always listens carefully to my needs and requests and answers my questions. I love to come back because I knowI will always get what I dream of”

– Mirka


Float into the deepest relaxation possible whilst relaxing in a warm and harmonious atmosphere whilst your body is pampered like never before.

Feel your skin rejuvenate with exotic Polynesian scented exfoliators and lotions massaged into your body followed by your customised facial.

To make the experience even more effective, your feet will be pampered, this experience will leave you feeling like you are floating on air.



The spice and warmth is all you need to let your muscles soften and let go of all your tension and stress.

The hot stones will not only warm up your muscles but will reach deeper into your body without inflicting any pain. The full body spicy clove exfoliation will tease your senses leaving your skin amazingly soft and smooth.

You could not find a more cleansing and tranquilising ritual. All you will want to say is “ahhh”



Your choice of Three Treatments

Full Body Massage (Deep Tissue, Swedish, Ayurvedic or Balinese)

Organic facial

Reflexology with lemongrass and mint foot mask

– Full body Cider Wood and Lavender body scrub

Indian Head Massage

– Hot Chocolate Mud wrap

We let You create your blissful 90min of relaxation