Welcome to November and December Specials!

As you will be aware the Winter Season is fast approaching, get yourself prepared for the madness with some of our fantastic November and December Specials!

An early festive treat and available exclusively to all our wonderful clients, we are now stocking a luxury range of velvety hot chocolates and smooth coffee or tea for you to indulge in whilst you visit us.


Warm up your tense muscles and melt in the heat of hot stones

-> GO FOR A 45MIN SPECIAL (includes hot oil hot stone back neck and shoulder massage) £35

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-> GO FOR A 60MIN SPECIAL (includes hot oil full body hot stone massage and full body exfoliation) £55

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-> GO FOR A 90MIN SPECIAL (includes hot oil full body hot stone massage, full body exfoliation and face cool down reflexology) £65

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This treatment is perfect if the cold weather affects you or if you suffer from tension and tightness in your muscles.

Let the warmth of the stones and our expertise melt your aches and pains away.



What kind of present would really make her/him smile from the inside, that shows I’ve given things a lot of thought?

Gift Vouchers are now available to purchase at Aga&Ola

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What kind of present would really make her/him smile from the inside, that shows I’ve given things a lot of thought?

And the ultimate question is:

What to give someone who has everything?

Socks, a sweater, perfume, Xbox? – BORING!




Gift Vouchers

In this world of chaos and stress, you will find no person who would turn down a present of relax!

-> 60min treatment, 90min treatment or 2h treatment gift vouchers are available to purchase at Aga&Ola


-> You can make the special person happy with a monetary voucher


Yes, I want to buy a gift voucher!

√ You can purchase a gift voucher by calling us on 07709018645 and making a payment over the phone

you will receive an email with your gift certificate
√ Alternatively, you can attend our premise to make a payment and collect the voucher

2018 Specials

To make the gift even more special, this year every gift voucher goes with a complimentary gift bag  full of relaxing bath essentials (collect from the Clinic or £2.99 P&P)



T&Cs: This offer is available until 31.12.2018; this offer cannot be combined with any other offer.

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3 Stretches for Your Back

Prevent back injury and keep your back muscles flexible by adding these exercises into your stretching routine


Now, we know how busy you are and how hard and boring it is to implement those exercises into your usual routine. However, we can guarantee that if you spend at least 10-15min every day doing those stretches, you will see a significant improvement in your overall wellbeing.

So, what do you have to lose? The answer is NOTHING!


Let’s begin

Spine stretch1. Spine stretch

Technique: Sitting on the floor with your feet wider than your hips, nod your head forward and begin to bend forward by hinging at the hips. Breathe normally. As you go down, draw your chin into your neck. It should feel like you’re rolling down the discs of the spine. Slide your hands in front of you along the floor.

Your hands should not reach past your toes -you’re not aiming to lie on the floor, and you shouldn’t feel as if your back and spinal ligaments are being pulled. Once you feel the stretch through your back, slowly return to the starting position.

2. Supine cross-leg spinal twist

Technique: Lying on your back with knees bent and feet on the floor, stretch your arms out to your sides, palms face down. Think of this as a yoga move and breathe throughout the stretch; inhale and exhale for about four seconds each.

Cross your right knee over your left knee, as if you’re sitting in a chair, with your

Supine cross-leg spinal twist

 right foot off the floor. Shift your hips to the right about two inches, and drop your knees to the left. You don’t need the knees to touch the floor.

Come to a natural stop whenever your range of motion is finished. Your right shoulder will come off the floor a bit, and that’s okay, as long as you continue to face the ceiling. Now, turn your right hand so the palm faces up and reach your right arm back and halfway up toward your head. That’s to open up the chest and finish off the rotation of the spine. Hold for one to three minutes; repeat on the other side.



Low-back rotation stretch3. Lower back rotation stretch

Technique: Sitting on a chair with your feet flat on the floor, twist your upper body, so your shoulders rotate to one side. You can use the chair for support, holding on to get a deep muscle stretch.

Go only as far as you can comfortably. You will feel the pull from your lower back up to the middle of your back. You may experience a painless crack from your spine, but that’s normal; it’s just the joints opening up. Hold for 20 seconds or six breaths, and return to the starting position. Repeat on the other side.


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During autumn the shorter days and colder weather can invite our body problems to return, joints getting cold and stiff, our spirit depletes and we feel like we need a little bit of ZING!

Feel welcome in our cosy and warm treatment rooms where you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.



Smooth your after holiday dry and coarse skin with

30min Head to Toe Exfoliating Massage for only £30

or why not upgrade your usual massage and indulge in full body exfoliation for only an extra £10.


To Book your Head to Toe Exfoliating Massage CLICK HERECALL OR MESSAGE US DIRECTLY ON 07709018645

To upgrade your usual massage book as normal and talk to us before your treatment.



Enjoy a blissful

Aromatherapy Massage with a lovely touch of a face or foot Reflexology for only £50 for 1h or £60 for 90min.




To Book your Aromatherapy Massage Package CLICK HERECALL OR MESSAGE US DIRECTLY ON 07709018645

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Aga & Ola Beauty Massage

August Special

Very special Rhassoul Mud Summer Pamper Package:

Sink into the deepest level of rejuvenation with a cleansing ritual with the magic of Rhassoul Mud.

Imagine that your body becomes lighter after a throughout full body scrub followed by a tranquilising massage and body masque with an African Rhassoul Clay. This magical product of nature proves to have tremendous healing and cleansing properties.

All in a 90 min exotic ritual which will leave you feeling relaxed as never before!  (£79)

Rhassoul Mud Summer Pamper Package is not on our usual treatment list and its available for a limited time only.




Enjoy the beauty of a firm and smooth Balinese massage for 75 min followed by a 15 min Reflexology for only £60. 

Those offers are subject to availability and end on the 31.08.2018. They cannot be combined with any other offer.



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Beauty Salon


  1. Drink water– our muscles contain 75% of water, our bones are made of water in 22%. It is crucial to drink water as it helps transport nutrients into cells and eliminates waste products from body structures. Furthermore, water lubricates joint cartilage which assists join movements.
  2. Eat fruits and veg– fruits and veg contain different molecules than water which allow them to get into body cells easier and nourish them better. Vegetables are loaded with microelements that build our bones like calcium and healthy proteins that take a part in the muscle regeneration.
  3. Get a sunbath sunlight activates production of Vitamin D in our system that again promotes absorption of calcium in the gut. Therefore sunlight aids keep our bones strong and healthy. Moreover sunshine increases our mood which is necessary when managing everyday stress.
  4. Lower your level of stress – Easier said than done right? When stressed, your body has a tendency to get tensed that may lead to permanent muscles disbalances and pain. It is important to find and practice most effective way to deal with the stress of everyday life which will help you to keep the body structures in better condition. 
  5. A warm bubbles – a nice warm bath relaxes your body and mind. Warm water increases the circulation by dilating blood vessels and allowing blood to flow to all the fatigue muscles in our body. Additionally putting EPSOM salts to your bath supports detoxification process makes a bath even more beneficial.
  6. Get a massage– massage is one of the best methods to keep your muscles flexible, nourished and strong. By working on fascia layer muscles become more relaxed and their function is improved. Massage assist recovery after physical activity and helps to get higher performance quicker. Also while getting massage our brain releases endorphins- hormones that make us happier.
  7. Stretch, Stretch, Stretch! regular stretching is important to maintain correct alignment of musculoskeletal structures. By stretching our muscles we keep a proper range and ease of movement and keep muscles in their natural length. Conscious breathing while stretching helps relax all the body and load our cells with oxygenated blood.
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Aga & Ola Beauty Massage

We are moving to new premises

We are so excited to announce that our presence at Newton Place has come to an end and we are relocating to new premises.

As our little salon continues to expand thanks to all you loyal clients we decided to move to are more deserving space for both you and us.

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9 Essential Tips On How To Prepare Your Body And Mind For Spring 2018

We are approaching that time of year when all of nature is waking up from winter stagnation. Also, us humans, we become more energetic, outgoing and intuitive as the days become brighter and longer.

An early spring is a great time to take care of our body and mind. Here I present a few tricks I use to make me feel more fresh and healthy these allow me to approach a new season with a cleansed body and mindset.

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May and June Special

Welcome to The Spring Remedy & Relaxation Special available May & June!

Ease all your pains with a 45min custom designed Remedy Massage and that’s not all!
Reward your body and ease your struggles with the most Relaxing and Unwinding Massage for a further 45min
Sheer body and mind bliss for a whole 90 minutes in total and all this for only £60.00!




Take the advantage of our Introductory Special which will allow you try a 30min Deep Tissue, Swedish or Remedial Therapy for only £27.00! The massage of your choice will target the specific area where you are experiencing pain i.e. neck pain, lower back pain, sciatica, leg tightness, muscle impingement or muscle mobility limitations. 



To book Your appointment simply visit this page, call or message us directly on 07709018645


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2.  Wise Mums-To-Be Look After Their Unborn Babies By Having a Pregnancy Massage.  (release date: 18th May)

3. Why Office Workers have Muscle Pains And How To Avoid them (release date: 1st June) 

4. 13 And ½ Things You Can Do To Make Your Day Bright (release date: 15th June)

5. 7 Ways To Take Care Of Your Back  (release date: 29th June) 



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