Are you looking for a way to stand out in the crowd and offer your clients unique therapies that will make them stay with you for years?


Want to double your income in 2020?


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 Lomi Lomi Massage 

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and learn:
– the history and the origin of Lomi Lomi massage
– basic Lomi Lomi moves that win every client’s heart!
– the most relaxing back massage techniques.
– Hawaiian healing rituals and rhythms.
– how to spare your wrists and thumbs and use your forearms and elbows instead.
– the correct posture during massage to keep your body in a good condition.
– how to double your income in 2020


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Lomi Lomi is the most beautiful kind of massage that will attract crowds to your practice

Reasons to book the FREE Lomi Lomi Discovery Workshop:
– spend three hours with like-minded, passionate therapists and ask questions.
– learn about the world of massage in a way that was never explained to you before.
– find out what other massage techniques are best to learn to concur the market and have a successful career as a massage therapist.
– discover how Aga&Ola Massage Academy can help you to become a great massage therapist, fully equipped to treat clients with confidence and passion.

When?  :   Monday 3 February 2020 @ 11am              or           Sunday 1 March 2020 @ 11am 

Where? :  Aga&Ola Massage Academy,    178 Bath Street,     G2 4HG

Please mind that you can attend only one free workshop organised by Aga&Ola Massage Academy. 

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