Lomi Lomi

This massage has the power to feel like a beach holiday somewhere in a Hawaiian island filled with happiness, sea waves, sunshine and relaxation.

Lomi Lomi is a traditional  Hawaiin cleansing ritual performed by cahoons (healers). It was performed on a hot stone bed in the warmth of sunshine with the most relaxing sound of sea waves. We do our best to replicate that kind of experience.

Imagine enjoying a time out where you don’t need to worry about anything. Your thoughts are drifting away and so are your pains and aches as we perform long strokes all over the body with our forearms. This is exactly how Lomi Lomi feels!


“My favourite massage is Lomi Lomi. It’s a bit of a luxury. The Hawaiian music and the flowing strokes from top to toe allow me to drift away and escape. And Aga, Ola and Paulina are just the best at providing this massage”



Ayurvedic massage is soft and smooth making it a thoroughly enjoyable experience. One of the most relaxing treatments you can enjoy.

Imagine feeling like you are floating on a soft and lovely cloud… Any aches or worries are completely gone as you relax like never before.

It’s an ancient Indian treatment, used by Ayurvedic healers to maintain body and spirit in balance. It’s a very spiritual therapy as it works on chakras which are the energy sources in our body and that’s why you will feel very refreshed, motivated and well balanced.


“Your massage was AMAZING! I have had hundreds of massages all over the world and the massage you gave me was the best I have ever had! I was totally relaxed and was like I was off in a dream world. I felt so good after it – and even now (3 days later) I still feel the beneficial effect. My sincere thanks for how you make me feel …. you truly have magic in your hands!”

– Brian


The Island of Bali is a perfect destination for serenity seekers. If there was a treatment that combines blissful softness, powerful firmness, state of deepest relaxation and rejuvenated energy, Balinese massage is the answer to it all!



“I had an absolutely amazing experience with Aga&Ola. Absolutely excellent massage and the girls have a perfect balance of communicating what they are doing with keeping quiet so you can relax. I’ll definitely be back. And the place smells like heaven and the rooms are very calming”

– Anna-Maria


This pre-natal massage leaves your body feeling lighter and you blissfully relaxed. The experience will allow you to feel united with the little one growing in your tummy.

The massage will leave you feeling very calm and peaceful and will remove all the tension and stress in your body.

Please note: In order to receive this treatment we need to make sure that you and the baby are perfectly fine and there are no health issues. Please contact your GP or Doctor prior booking. Mum-to-be massage is not suitable during your first month or ninth month of pregnancy.


“I had the most amazing and relaxing pregnancy massage this morning. From beginning to end I felt extremely comfortable, in a lovely and professional environment. I will be recommending this place to all my friends in Glasgow. What a treat! And the therapist was delightful and incredibly good. I will definitely be back when I’m next in Glasgow”

– Alba