Rock Blades Therapy (IASTM)

The blades, although quite scary at first sight become very powerful tools in hands of an experienced therapist.

We are providing a stimulus to pain and pressure receptors to allow our you to move better.  Just one session of Rock Blading and the application of kinesiotapes improves muscle mobility what brings comfort to tense and overworked muscles.

This therapy if perfect if you suffer from muscle strains or injuries caused by office work, extensive (or moderate) exercising, posture related problems, fresh and past injuries.

RockBlades can be a very useful tool to help you recover faster.



Rock Blades facts:

  • 43% more effective than traditional deep tissue massage
  • 52% less painful than trigger point therapy
  • Proven to reduce pain caused by injuries, muscle strains, posture related aches, sort injuries, sciatica and many more.


“Excellent therapy, painful but in the best way! Over the last few days, I struggled with back pain, today’s visit to Aga & Ola has worked wonders for my back and eased the pain. I really appreciated the discussion on the possible causes of my injury problems and the additional stretching advice”

– Dominic