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Are you in pain?

Are you uncomfortable because
of stiffness in your body?

Would you like to feel less tense?

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Meet our specialist and get instant relief from your pain
“Release Tension and Muscle Stiffness”
Discovery Session and Taster Session


– meet a specialised therapist who will understand your issue and explaing it to you

– have a digital posture analysis with our specialised software and a thorough report

– get a 15-20min hands-on treatment to get instant pain relief and to see how our therapy works

– have a ready a treatment plan  to ensure a long term solution fotr your pain 

– find out about our therapy options available only for A&O Body Therapy Members

Our Services

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Deep & Soft Tissue Therapy, Individually designed

For you if you…

Meet The Crew

Kasia – Sports Therapist, Myofascial Release Specialist and Personal Trainer

Eileen – Sports Therapist, Myofascial Release Specialist and Professional Cyclist

Angelika – Deep Tissue Specialist, Complimentary Therapist

Aga – Deep Tissue Specialist, Complimentary Therapist, Owner and Educator

Ola – Physiotherapist, Deep Tissue Specialist, Owner and Educator


in Glasgow

New Clients

Is this youf first time at Aga & Ola? Not sure what should you choose?
We offer exclusive programmes for new and returning clients interested in getting healthier, fitter and stronger with help from our therapists.

Choose one option from:


You can book a consultation with our specialised therapists to find out why you experience pain and learn what you can do about it and what therapy will be best for you,

The consultation takes about 45min and includes: 1-2-1 conversation with a specialist, postural assessment, 15-20min taster session and a treatment plan outline

Single Session or Body Maintenance


We know how difficult is to find the right therapist in Glasgow
We offer the 1st session for you with a special discount so you can check for yourself if what we offer works for you, without spending a lot of money. Use code NEWCLIENTS to apply your discount



Aga&Ola continually strive to be the best.We are very grateful for all the support we receive from our clients who voice their gratitude to us and appreciate our services.

We are proud of the fact we achieved “Best Sport Massage Award 2017” this was awarded to us by Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards.

We were nominated for a further two awards, Best Day Spa and Best Massage Therapists We are delighted to announce that due to these nominations we are now recognized as one of the top 8 salons in Scotland!



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Mon–Fri: 10am – 8pm

Sat-Sun: 3pm-8pm

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