KOBIDO Facial Lifting And Buccal Massage Glasgow

Effective therapies, proven to bring visible effects that last long term.
kobido & buccal massage glasgow


Currently the most wanted treatment in Europe, sought after by celebrities and models, due to its instant results.

It is a natural face lift treatment adapted to the aesthetics of your face, neck and décolleté, that sets back time, making you look more defined, younger looking and refreshed.

Due to its deep and thorough techniques this massage’s side effect result in extreme relaxation and deep emotional release.

The results of KOBIDO are amazing!

KOBIDO is for you if you:

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Transbuccal Massage (Intraoral)

Sounds strange, right?

It’s an extremely effective and satisfying treatment that:

  1. Works on your wrinkles and fine lines, from the inside of your mouth, by relaxing tense muscles that are causing the skin to fold.
  2. Relaxes your TMJ and Masseter muscle that gives your jaw and head relief from tension and discourages stress related clenching and grinding.

Can be booked on its own or as an add-on to the KOBIDO massage

How to start your experience?

Book your first session including:

  1. Consultation with a specialist
  2. Face aesthetics and balance analysis
  3. Targets and therapy plan
  4. Full MADE FOR YOU décolleté, neck, face, scalp an head KOBIDO massage based on a consultation
  5. Care Plan for best Long – Term Results
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Kobido Special Offer (Limited Time)

KOBIDO is a treatment that is quite new to Glaswegian faces. This is why we are running a special time limited offer for all new and existing clients.



with a Specialist