Welcome to A&O Events and Workshops.

Are you looking for a wholesome experience in the heart of Glasgow where you can leave the world behind and designate the time to yourself and create a better version of yourself?

This is the perfect stop for you!

Have a look at the 3 options we offer in 2024:

Move with Kasia

Functional Mobility Workshops bundle

This is not just a typical exercise session. This 90min workshop will give you a full advantage of learning daily mobility drills and access to an Advanced Exercise Therapist who will get you exactly where you want to be with your:

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Come in for one workshop or choose to commit to your wellbeing and become a regular!

Sunday 11.30am Workshops Schedule:

£35 per session or £150 for all 5

Weekly Pilates

Every Thursday 6pm and 7pm!

A supportive and foundational Pilates class to build your strength from the most important basics, in this class you will:


We do small groups up to 6 people to ensure that you get all the attention you need for your best results and safety. 

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Face yoga and relaxation day retreats

Main focus: