A&O Advanced Massages

Our most amazing and effective massages. The most common comment we get about them is a simple WOW!

An experience you must try.

All massages include a full consultation with your therapist (time of the consultation is not included in the treatment)

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is exceptional at A&O.

Our therapists are trained personally by Aga ensuring quality and full satisfaction.

Can you imagine going through a day without that nagging pain and tension? This massage can get you there without question! We use our hands, elbows, cups, stick and Gua-Sha to fight all the knots and tightness (all within your comfort zone)

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Ayurvedic Massage

Our signature and most popular massage, absolutely unique in Glasgow!

This soft and extremely slow technique makes your mind drift away, leaving you with a feeling like you have slept for hours! With Ayurvedic massage we use special technique that brings your body functions back to balance, giving you great results lasting for days.

Ayurvedic massage is great for you if you:

Struggle to relax or sleep, always overthink, you feel like your body tension is coming from your stress or overstimulation, are sensitive to body pressure, want to switch off completely and forget about the world.

Lomi Lomi Massage

This massage will feel like a beach holiday somewhere in a Hawaiian island, filled with happiness, sea waves, sunshine, and relaxation.

Imagine a time out when you don’t need to worry about a thing. You are floating on lovely calm water, a warm wind gently blows your hair. Your thoughts are drifting away and so are your pains are aches. This is exactly how Lomi Lomi feels!

Thai Oil Massage

Thai Oil Massage

This energizing massage performed in a safe environment and by a fully educated and qualified therapist, can be a game changer to many!

Your body holds a lot of tension and heavy energy in your joints and muscles. This massage releases that, along with muscular tension, and body stiffness, leaving you feeling 10 years younger. No kidding.

So open up your hips, stretch out your chest and lenghten your spine and don’t move a muscle in the process. A super sweet relaxation is a bonus!

Mum-To-Be Lomi Lomi

Pregnancy is a very precious time of your life and you deserve the best treatment!

Why not make the best out of it and get a full body Lomi Lomi experience, for yourself and the baby? This Lomi Lomi ritual is one of a kind and it makes you both feel like if you were floating on a sea wave somewhere in Hawai,i while all of your tension and stress dissolve.

Alternatives for mums-to-be:
Mum To Be Lomi Lomi
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Maderotherapy & Bamboo Deep Tissue

A blissful massage experience using smooth wooden tools to vividly roll and knead away tension. It is great for two reasons:

  • the wooden tools and bamboo sticks enable a deep and satisfying pressure
  • the technique has great results in body detox, sculpting and refreshing

Advanced Massage Prices



One or two targeted areas only



Targeted or full body



Full Body Massage