A&O Pamper Tapas

Pamper Tapas

Upgraded and richer!

If you have tried our Pamper Tapas before and you loved it then get ready for Tapas 2.0!

If this is your first time, then you can set yourself up for an ultimate blissful time, absolutely unique to A&O clinic.

With our Pamper Package we let you choose your own combination of treatments for the highest possible relaxation.

This can be scheduled only with our most experienced therapists.

Chose your favourite Massage Style

hot stone

Chose your 'Tapas'

Organic Facial

Our Vegan product line is being used to create the most bespoke facial treatment. Our facials are focused on a technique targeting muscles which are responsible for face ageing.

All components are made up into a wonderful and relaxing experience that will make you feel refreshed and uplifted.

Udvartana (Ayurvedic Deep Body Peel)

Ayurvedic medicine is full of amazing treatments and Udvartana is one of them. We would use original Ayurvedic herbs and spices blended into a powerful powder and massage it vividly into your body.

This treatment will leave your whole body absolutely clean and fresh. Udvartana is used to detox the body and to promote lymph flow so its great if you are looking for great health benefits of this treatment.

You will require a shower

Reflexology with a foot mask

Who doesn’t love a foot rub? What if we could make it better and add on to that amazing health balancing benefits of reflective points that will stimulate your systems and make you feel like new?

All complimented with a softening foot mask and wrap that will leave you walking on clouds for days! Great for relax and detox.

Full Body Soap and Gua-Sha cleanse

Another unique treatment available only at A&O. This deeply cleansing and exfoliating body treatment stimulates your body at a cellular level, making you feel well balanced and cleansed on the inside and on the outside.

After this treatment you will feel relaxed but also energised and sharp.

You will require a shower.

Mini Kobido Face lift

Two words for this one:

1. Beauty (one and only natural face rejuvenation)

2. Emotional release (do you know how much of tension and negative emotions are stored in your jaw?)

This is a mini version of our full Kobido massage that is going to perfectly compliment your package!

Full Body or Face only Manual Lymphatic Drainage

You can decide which body parts you want us to treat with our specialised Manual Lymphatic Drainage that is taking over the world by the storm! Known for its detoxifying properties as well as super relaxing feel-good factor, MLD is just what you need along with your morning Smoothie.

Indian head massage

Known by many, loved by everyone, authentic Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage, to start or finish your treatment with.

Your head stores many emotions and that creates tension. How wonderful it will feel to have a light and worry free head for the night (and hopefully longer)?

We know all the ‘buttons’ to press to make that happen for you.

Cooling face calming routine

Another treatment focused around your head. Designed for those who experience puffy eyes, headaches in their forehead or struggle with running thoughts that make their head steam.

Using cooling stones on your face and especially around your eyes we will massage that discomfort away.

This one is truly amazing at the end of your pamper to make the relaxing effect last for hours. This is great even for those who hate cold.

Mini Shirodhara with Ayurvedic Head Massage (oil hair ritual)

Ayurvedic ritual of oil pouring over your hair and scalp.

Ayurvedic medicine believes that your head needs special attention to keep you in balance and our specialised Ayurvedic oil is the best medium to cleanse your foggy and cloudy mind and load it with positive thoughts and refreshment.

You can decide to keep the oil on your hair (recommended for best benefits) or take a shower.

Pamper Package