What therapies we use to make you better?


Our Physiotherapy is mostly Hands-On Treatment based. This means that during your sessions you will be treated by our experienced Therapists who will work on your tissues, joints and structures to bring them back to an optimal condition and lead you into recovery and a pain-free life.

All Therapies start with a thorough Postural or Condition Assessment which defines the best course of action specific to your issue.

You will receive a full report of our findings including a Postural Scan and Therapy Plan.

All treatments moving forward will be based on the full understanding of your condition. Our Team will work closely with you to ensure that you are getting the best possible results.

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All surgeries leave some kind of scars behind

How do they affect your life?

A scar can potentially affect posture depending on its size, location, and how it has healed.

A large scar, especially in an area where it restricts mobility, can lead to changes in posture as the body adapts to avoid stretching or putting pressure on the scar tissue.

Additionally, scars near joints or muscles may impact their functionality, potentially causing muscle imbalances and altering posture to compensate for reduced range of motion or strength.

Moreover, scars that cause discomfort or pain can result in postural adjustments as individuals attempt to minimize discomfort.

Overall, the extent to which a scar affects posture varies from person to person and depends on individual factors such as scar size, location, and overall physical condition.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises may be necessary to address posture-related issues caused by scars.

Dry Needling

One of the techniques used by our Physios and Remedial Therapists in our Therapy Session or can be used as a one-of treatment.

It is like a magical reset button for muscle pain and tension. It uses ultra-thin needles inserted into knots or tight areas in your muscles. It can be very helpful for all sorts of muscle pains and aches, whether from an old injury, too much screen time, or just life’s wear and tear. So, if you’re looking to soothe those tense muscles and find some relief, dry needling is just the ticket!


Pain Management Treatments

Performed by our Highly Skilled Remedial Therapists and Physios. These treatments are Designed for those needing a holistic professional approach. Our Clients with chronic muscular pain, seeking tension relief, while working on pain areas, should book in for these sessions. The treatments can involve using multiple treatment methods namely: chinese cupping, deep tissue massage techniques, PNF, MET, muscle activation, soft tissue mobilisation, joint mobilisation, TENS, IASTM.

Remedial and Sports Massage

A remedial massage is like a soothing, therapeutic tune-up for your body. It’s a type of massage therapy specifically designed to address musculoskeletal issues and relieve pain and tension. Our skilled massage therapists use various techniques, such as deep tissue massage, stretching, and joint mobilization, to target problem areas and restore balance to your muscles and joints. Whether you’ve got a nagging ache from a sports injury, chronic pain from a desk-bound job, or just need some relaxation with a purpose, remedial massage can work wonders in helping you feel more comfortable and rejuvenated. It’s like giving your body a helping hand to heal and unwind.