Sleeprrr Pillows

Sleeprrr Pillows

Is your pillow the cause of your neck pain and stiffness in the morning?

Have you been looking for a perfect pillow but are not sure which one to buy?

You can rely on the specialist recommendation!

Watch this video to see what a perfect solution A&O Team found for you

Meet The Complete Sleeprrr

The Complete Sleeprrr pillow is regarded as the perfect memory foam cervical neck support pillow with it’s multiple adjustable options and unique ability to suit many different body shapes it can be used by all members of the family (excluding infants).

The Complete Sleeprrr features ‘higher’ and ‘lower’ sides as well as contour variance for maximum individual support and comfort for side or back sleeping. The pillow’s clever design encourages side sleeping which enhances breathing, and may also be helpful in minimising light snoring. When side sleeping scalloped under-edges allow shoulder to slip snugly under pillow.

The head and neck are cushioned and supported during sleep; it is designed to help to alleviate stress and muscle stiffness. The channels in the core foam surface combined with the open-weave inner cover allow air to circulate for a cooler, more comfortable sleep.

A&O Clinic do not import these into the UK. We purchase them from a UK supplier. We do not take any responsibility for the product itself.

The pillows do have a strong manufacturing odour and this DOES go away after several days. We do not offer refunds on the pillows because of their smell.

The Complete Sleeper pillow is sold and recommended throughout UK by Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, and many more health professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I adapt it to MY needs?

Please watch the video above for instructions. The pillow’s components are fully adjustable so if you feel that the set up is not perfect you can always change it! Once you find the perfect fit, that’s great!

We strictly do not offer refunds on the items for hygiene reasons and especially as all items are individually checked for quality and standard by us prior to giving them to you.

Aga&Ola Clinic offers The Complete Sleeprrr Pillows to all of our Clients. Please contact the reception.

Complete Sleeprrr
Complete Sleeprrr