Deep Tissue / Sport Massage

As passionate therapists we love each and every puzzle your body may bring. What we love even more is for you to leave without it!

There is an old saying “Don’t judge the book by the cover”. This is very true when it comes to our sports massage. We regularly sharpen our elbows and we have fingers of steel. So no need to underestimate our petite figures.

Deep tissue massage is used to unblock knots, tension, pains and aches. It’s an intensive treatment that does produce great results but can feel uncomfortable at times. We have developed our treatment so it produces the results it should but its also relaxing as well.


“I always love the way I feel afterwards, I walk straighter and move better. Over the course of the treatment period a computer-related sore back, neck and shoulders have improved considerably”

– Sandra

Swedish Massage

A Swedish Massage is typically the art of deep relaxation. Sadly some therapists are not as passionate in their delivery as our experts are. Maybe you’ve experienced a massage that you felt could have been better after the treatment.

Aga & Ola pride themselves on delivering not only an exceptional massage but also a truly incredible experience.

From the moment you are welcomed you will be encouraged to let any worries or stresses you may have go, so you can relax and unwind as your therapist guides you into the ultimate state of deep relaxation.

Our Swedish Massage is a great introductory massage for those new to massage. It’s also perfect for the person who doesn’t enjoy  the strong deep tissue type massage. For those looking for body rejuvenation this is the perfect choice.


“As a regular client I don’t have any complaints apart from my lower back just as I arrived.
The therapists know my needs and I discuss this with them prior to the massage. They accommodate there massages to be a bit more firm which is great and I leave feeling rejuvenated. My lower back problem has been fixed after a couple of sessions”

– Graham