Do you suffer from lower back pain?

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Do you suffer from lower back pain?

Lower back pain (such as sciatica) is one of the most common conditions that we see in our Clinic.

It can come on suddenly and give you a hard time for a few days, or can develop over weeks and months until you feel that you can no longer move without pain.

It can limit many activities in your life:

Can we help? Yes of course!


Lower back pain MYTHS and FACTS:

Myth 1
Rest is the Best Treatment for Lower Back Pain

While short-term rest may be necessary for acute back pain, prolonged bed rest is generally not recommended. Staying active with gentle movement and exercises can promote healing, prevent muscle atrophy, and improve back pain.

Myth 2:
Lower Back Pain is Always Due to a Serious Problem

Not all lower back pain is a sign of a severe or underlying condition. In fact, most lower back pain is due to muscle strains or sprains, poor posture, or overuse. It’s important to get a proper diagnosis to rule out serious issues, but most cases of lower back pain are not emergencies.

Myth 3:
You Need a Special Mattress for Lower Back Pain

While a supportive mattress can help, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for mattresses and lower back pain. The best mattress for you depends on your individual preferences and body type. It’s essential to choose a mattress that provides adequate support while being comfortable for you.

Myth 4:
You Should Avoid Exercise with Lower Back Pain

Gentle, appropriate exercise is often beneficial for lower back pain. Physical therapy and specific exercises can help strengthen the muscles that support the lower back and improve flexibility, reducing the risk of future pain episodes.

Myth 5:
Surgery is the Only Solution for Severe Lower Back Pain

Surgery is typically considered when conservative treatments have failed to provide relief or when there is a specific structural issue that requires surgical correction. Most cases of lower back pain can be effectively managed with non-surgical approaches, such as physical therapy, medications, and lifestyle modifications.

What types of pains can we help you with?

  • Dull and Aching
  • Sharp and Stabbing
  • Burning, Radiating or Shooting
  • Stiffness
  • Numbness or Tingling

It’s important to note that lower back pain can have various causes, including muscle strain, ligament sprain, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, arthritis, and more. The specific quality and intensity of the pain can vary based on the underlying condition.

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Try Your First Session for only £45 (usually £67)

First, come and see us for a Physiotherapy Consultation and First Session during which you will;

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