Shoulder and Arm Pain

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Has your shoulder and arm been bothering you?

Was it an injury, or a pain that has developed over time? Are you worried that it won’t go away on its own or that it will get worse?

But if you have had this pain for 6+ weeks with little or no improvement then there is a big chance that you will need to see a specialist.

Let’s have a closer look at your Shoulder and Arm Pain issue:

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How does it feel?

Shoulder and arm pain can feel different depending on the underlying cause and the severity of the condition. Here are some common descriptions of how shoulder and arm pain might feel:

  • Dull Ache: This type of pain is often associated with overuse or muscle strain.
  • Sharp or Stabbing Pain: Can be a symptom of various conditions, including nerve compression or injury, such as a pinched nerve or a herniated disc in the neck.
  • Burning Sensation: This can be related to nerve irritation or damage.
  • Tingling, Numbness or Radiating Pain: Often referred to as “pins and needles,” can occur with nerve-related issues like a pinched nerve or conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Throbbing Pain: Can occur with certain types of injuries or inflammations, such as tendonitis or bursitis.
  • Muscle Tension: Muscular pain can often feel like tightness or tension in the shoulder and arm muscles. This can be due to muscle spasms, overuse, or poor posture.
  • Aching Joints: If the pain is originating from the joints, it may feel like an achy discomfort deep within the shoulder or arm. Conditions like arthritis can cause this type of pain.
  • Weakness: Sometimes, along with pain, there may be a sensation of weakness in the shoulder or arm. Weakness can be caused by nerve issues or muscle injuries.
  • Pain with Movement: Pain that worsens or is triggered by specific movements or activities can indicate an injury or strain. For example, lifting your arm or reaching overhead may exacerbate the pain.

Ok, so you know how it feels but what it is caused by?

  • Rotator Cuff Tears: Tears or injuries to the rotator cuff tendons can lead to shoulder pain. These tears can be the result of overuse, degeneration with age, or traumatic events.
  • Impingement: Shoulder impingement occurs when the rotator cuff tendons or the bursa (fluid-filled sac) within the joint become pinched or compressed during certain movements, such as raising the arm overhead. This can cause pain, inflammation, and limited range of motion
  • Frozen Shoulder: This condition involves the tightening or thickening of the capsule surrounding the shoulder joint. It can lead to a progressive loss of range of motion and significant pain.
  • Arthritis: Osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis in the shoulder joint can cause mechanical pain due to joint degeneration, inflammation, and the breakdown of cartilage.
  • Nerve Compression: Compression or irritation of nerves in the neck or shoulder region, such as the brachial plexus or cervical nerves, can radiate pain down the arm and into the shoulder.
  • Posture and Overuse: Poor posture, repetitive motions (e.g. overhead work), or excessive strain on the shoulder joint and surrounding structures can contribute to chronic mechanical issues and pain.
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Multi-Dimensional approach at A&O:

Since your pain may be caused by many root problems we need to look at your case from multiple angles to ensure that we are giving you the best possible care for success.

This is why we offer a wide range of therapies including full hands on treatments, exercise and movement therapy or a blend of them all to create the best healing environment for your condition.

  • We will get to know you as a person to establish your goals as well as limitations.
  • We will get to know your condition, how it affects your life and where it stemmed from.
  • We will create a long term plan to give you the best possible outcome.

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